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"The flexibility of the theme engine lets you code your HTML however you want."

Be free with your designs.

Blank was developed with designers in mind, eliminating many of the rigid structures or fixed formats common with other CMS's. The flexibility of Blank's theme engine lets you code your HTML however you want, add some basic configuration options and required tags, then upload the theme exactly how you designed it..

From the simplest HTML produced by your desktop editor to hand-crafted, fully-responsive Twitter Bootstrap concepts written in your favorite IDE, Blank CMS was built to handle it all.

Additional theme tools at your disposal!

  • Leverage variable driven fill-in-the-blank design options to make updates quick and easy on your dashboard.
  • Integrate your favorite JS Libraries like JQuery & Dojo.
  • Leverage Twig's powerful templating capabilities & Less CSS's pre-processing power.
  • Download starter files to get your custom themes off the ground quickly and easily.

Whether you craft each page by hand or make a single dynamic template that changes based on individual page content, there is no limit to the design capabilities your own custom themes in Blank.

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Launch your site using our modern stock themes

Blank comes stock with modern themes and more are being added all the time!  For quick website launches, use the theme out of the box and simply add your content.  You can easily customize the design by changing a few variables in your theme editor. For major changes,  duplicate the theme and modify any of the template files to create vastly different designs!

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