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Blank's Features Set

Page Builder - The CMS Backbone

Add an unlimited number of content pages to your website using Blank's simple web interface. No HTML or design skills are required. The page-builder works similar to your favorite word editing software.

Key Features

Blank's page builder allows you to select pre-defined layouts for individual pages. That means if a theme has designed page layouts for different types of content, you simply select the layout you want for any page you create, giving you more flexibility in content design!

Optimize your content for search engines with custom URLs, unique page titles, and meta keyword/description fields on a page-by-page basis. These built-in tools allow non-technical users to quickly and easily optimize pages for search engines and hit key attributes that get you found!

Theme Editor - Preloaded Or Custom Built!

Pick from a selection of pre-built responsive designs or upload your own custom HTML. Themes are very powerful in their flexibility and scalability. You have the freedom to utilize any and all of the latest and greatest design techniques including javascript libraries, HTML 5, and CSS 3.

More Power For Your Users with Variable Driven design & Starter Themes

A built-in variable system lets you create themes that users can easily tweak and change without any knowledge of HTML and CSS. A simple customization panel lets the designer define all their variable elements in HTML or CSS then use the customization panel to make quick changes.

A downloadable skeleton theme gives designers a jump start on building out their custom themes without having to start from scratch. As a partner you can build unique market libraries that include only the designs you desire for your clients to choose from.

Website Theme Editor

Menu Manager
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Menu System

Build any number of menus for your website and define where each one appears on your site.

Create multi-tiered menus by simply selecting the parent item you wish to put your new menu items underneath.

Website Content Blocks
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Blocks - Ultimate Flexibility

Blocks can appear on one or more pages and prevent the need to duplicate content, ensuring consistency across multiple pages.

Different block types display basic content, news, menus, sliders, blog content and more! Blocks can be controlled on a page by page basis and their visibility can be toggled on and off as you need them.

Web Form Builder
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Form Builder

Blank's form builder allows you to create layouts with customized fields, then tailor the actions to your specific needs. Forms can be easily embedded into any content page.

Each form can send to any number of email addresses. All forms save their data to the website's database. Administrators can then download all form submissions at anytime in the future.

The Anything Slider

Video Slider, Image Slider, HTML Content Slider All-In-One!

Our powerful content slider allows you to create a presentation of images, video and html "slides" that transition between each other allowing you to create great points of interest on your site.

Add an unlimited amount of slides to your slider and place it in any suitable position on your site to display key features and content. A good example is visible at the top of this page!

Blog & Social Tools

Blogging & Social tools

The blogging system was modeled off the news article tools to minimize the learning curve for those already familiar with writing press releases and blog posts.

Content Automation

Each post has a publish date option which allows authors to create as many blog entries as they want in one writing session and schedule them for future automated publishing.

Each individual post includes tools for optimizing its search friendliness. Simple blog updates, announcements or commentary can be tailored to draw in search engines for higher rankings and relevancy.

News Articles

Publish an unlimited number of articles as simple press releases or fully designed content pages with images and embedded forms.

Each individual news article includes tools for optimizing its search friendliness. This means that even simple announcements or web news can be tailored to draw in search engines for higher rankings and relevancy.

News Articles

Media Library

Media Library

The media library is used throughout the entire administrative interface. It allows you to upload images, documents, and other forms of media to be used across the various content areas of the website.

Simply drag and drop your items onto the upload panel (or use the traditional browse and pick system) to add any number of items with a single upload click.


Content Categories

Categories let you organize and structure your content in groups as you see fit. Categories are shared across the entire system for consistency and familiarity, from content pages to blog entires and news articles.

In this way your news, blog and page content can all be grouped and organized in any way you choose.

User System

User System

A robust model of roles and permissions allows an unlimited number of users to be created in any number of custom roles.

Each role can have unique permissions assigned, including privelages like adding, editing, or deleting different types of content. The permissions also define a user's ability to view or access areas of your site allowing public and private page visibility.